This page gives a brief overview to some of the key dates and owners of Gawthorpe Hall.

1260: Gawthorpe Hall is built by the Gascoigne family.

15th and 16th centuries:  Throughout this period, marriage occurred between the daughters of the Gascoigne family and the Ryther and Redman families that owned the estate of Harewood and lived within Harewood Castle, strengthening bonds between the two estates.

1582: Sir Thomas Wentworth (1520-1587) marries Margaret Gascoigne: the Wentworth family take ownership of Gawthorpe.

1601: Sir William Wentworth buys Harewood estate from the Redman’s, amalgamating the two adjoining estates. Harewood Castle is abandoned and Gawthorpe Hall becomes the centre of the two estates.

1610s-1640: Sir Thomas Wentworth, 1st Earl of Strafford (1593-1641), is recorded as making substantial changes to Gawthorpe Hall, adding new rooms to the hall.

1641-1738: After the execution of the 1st Earl of Strafford, ordered by King Charles 1st in 1641, Gawthorpe is sold to Sir John Cutler in 1656. On his death the estate                                                  passes through his family to his nephew, John Boulter Esq who dies without an heir.

1738: Gawthorpe Estate is bought by Henry Lascelles (1690-1753). The estate remains in the Lascelles ownership to this day.

1753-1773: Edwin Lascelles inherits the estate in 1753, and begins building Harewood House from 1759, until its completion in 1771. Gawthorpe Hall is demolished during this period, but parts of the building, such as the Brewhouse and Laundry, are still standing as late as 1773.


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