Day two: 1st May 2012

Day Two

Despite the drizzly, overcast weather, the students have made great progress today.

In Trench 8 at the centre of the dig site, Group B have revealed a midden area, where a substantial amount of household rubbish has been dumped. You can see from the picture below how rich this area is in artefacts. Broken bottle glass, as well as a huge amount of pottery, animal bones, oyster and cockle shells, and nails and horse shoe. The material from this area has certainly kept us busy with finds processing in the marquee!

Further down the slope from the midden, but still within Trench 6, Group D have been removing the rubble left from the demolition of the house to reveal a flagged floor surface.

Across the southern extent of Trench 8 and Trench 2, our students have been working very hard to remove the thick layer of demolition rubble still covering this area. Beneath the rubble, a number of bricks and flag stone are beginning to show up, scattered across this area.


In the northern area of trench 2, another soot covered deposit has been uncovered and cleaned back. This deposit is very similar to the layer we discovered last year, which is visible in the cobbled room behind. Beyond these rooms, students are removing the demolition rubble covering any remains of the house which might be still below this.



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